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Conventional Deterrence: The Theory (Paper 1 of 3)

November 27, 2010


Author: Alexander Clarke Executive Summary This report is a development on the works of Ambassador James Cable, Admiral Jackie Fisher and many others before them. Britain is a nation with worldwide commitments but even more so, worldwide interests. War is bad for trade and weakness is bad for economies such as ours that […]

Is there a possibility for Amphibiosity in coversion?

November 27, 2010


Author: Alexander Clarke Concept A good fast containership hull would be an economical starting point for a new generation aircraft carrier. The hull of a containership is open and empty, so naval architects can fit in accommodation, fuel tanks, magazines and hangar decks, and on top of it all, the flight deck needed for an […]

Principal Authors View: Was the Battle of Britain the Pivotal Battle off the 2nd World War?

November 27, 2010


Author: Alexander Clarke The Battle of Britain is imbedded in our history. It took place 70 years ago this year. The question is though, was it as important as it is often portrayed? This is and always will be an emotive issue, but when it is used as justification for the continuation of an […]